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Voraus Target

Training the voraus is often done by targetting using food or a toy. Many trainers design their own method for suspending the object. It is also possible to buy metal L-shaped devices with spikes to place in the ground, and a hanging peg or clip to fasten the toy. A food bowl can be raised by being placed on a wide stick. A large toy, such as a football or jolly-ball could also be used. Bird Launchers are also used to remotely toss the toy in the air to attract the dog.

Probably the easiest way to begin with a food-motivated dog, is to use a bowl placed on the ground and starting at a short distance, use the command and allow the dog to run to its bowl. This distance is gradually increased, until the target is beyond sight.

Another option is to teach the dog a target point, a mat or cone. The dog can be taught to down when it gets to the target point. The reward item can sometimes be placed directly on the target or can be delivered to the dog when the handler arrives.