Lines & Leashes

The two most important lines are the short standard leash and the 33 foot tracking line. These are the leashes that will be required when you trial your dog. The short leash must hang loosely, and should be small enough to conceal or be able to be carried over the shoulder (top left to bottom right). My preference for the short leash is 5/8 inch wide, 3 foot long leather and I use this leash for training and trialling.

For the tracking line it is important that the line be light, and non-slip. I love my 1/4 inch coated rope from Palomine Lines. It is coated with Biothane and doesn't get clogged with dirt or heavy when it is wet, and it does not slip through my hands. Biothane is widely available at various online stores and tack shops.

For tracking training and protection, I use 2 x 15 foot nylon lines. They are made of tubular nylon so they do not burn my hands. In protection, I connect a line to the prong collar and a line to the fursaver/wide collar/harness. These are made of tubular climbing lines from REI.

As far as general purpose walking leashes, my favorites are the 6 foot cotton horse leads which I buy in the UK. I also have several other lengths of tubular nylon line and a 6 foot leather leash for showing.

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