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Out Command

You have probably started playing with your dog with toys by now, so we need to teach the out. With young puppies, many people choose not to teach the out, just tease the pup with another toy until he lets go of the first one, then play with the second. But eventually an out will be necessary for bitework, so we can start teaching the command in obedience with a ball or tug. We typically wait to teach the out until it becomes difficult to get it back from the youngster.

The easiest way to teach an out is by holding the toy against your body, keep it very still, eventually the dog will let go, at this point, click and give him the toy back and play again. Once the dog can out within a second, you can add the "out" or "aus" command. A large tug with a handle on each end is a good toy to use for this because you can hold both ends.