About This Website

I have been training in Schutzhund since 2001. In that time, I trained my dog, Bodeus (Galon vom Drackland), from 8 weeks to SchH3 IPO3 FH UD NA CGC TC AD WUSV. Bodeus' son Apollo who I bred myself, just retired with SchH3 IPO3 FH CDX AD CGC. Apollo placed 2nd at the 2011 SCR Regional Championships with 96-92-96=284 and 4th at the 2014 New England Regional Championships with 97-90-90=277. He competed at National level 5 times.

I have also bred and trained 2 females, Brimwylf Belladonna IPO1 AD CGC and SG Brimwylf Calamity Jane (CJ) IPO3 NA CD AD KKl. CJ placed 6th at the 2015 New England Regionals with 96-88-80=264 and came home with High Track and High Double-X trophies. She also became the 2015 New England Region Universal Siegerin. Then she went on to pass her 4th IPO3 at The UScA National Championships in Kentucky. I am just getting started with CJ's son Brimwylf Double O Seven. I am often asked how I train, what I feed, what equipment I use and how I feel about the sport formerly known as Schutzhund and now called IPO.

I train the beginning of almost every exercise using a clicker, but I also use other methods. I believe in a well rounded approach to training and feel that the use of all possible training tools - tailored to the dogs' individual temperament and abilities leads to the best outcome. You will see almost all clicker training on this site, since it can all be taught with a clicker, and I think it is the best way for novice trainers to get started. I hope they manage to find themselves a club as open-minded and supportive as my first club.

I continue to add more information, pictures and videos as often as I can.

Enjoy your visit. Let me know if you have any suggestions: louise.jollyman@schutzhund-training.com

Happy Training!

Louise Jollyman