About this Website

I built this website in 2005 because I wanted to expand on some of the articles that I had written on the website of my first dog, Bodeus. At the time there were very few websites with information specific to Schutzhund training, particularly those using clicker training to begin new exercises. While dog training continues to progress and morph as the sport changes, the basics are still valid, Schutzhund / IPO is however, a sport which is extremely difficult to do alone, it is always best to find a club to get started with.

I have been training in Schutzhund since 2001. In that time, I trained my dog, Bodeus (Galon vom Drackland), from 8 weeks to SchH3 IPO3 FH UD NA CGC TC AD WUSV. Bodeus' son Apollo who I bred myself, retired in 2015 with SchH3 IPO3 FH CDX AD CGC. Apollo placed 2nd at the 2011 SCR Regional Championships with 96-92-96=284 and 4th at the 2014 New England Regional Championships with 97-90-90=277. He competed at National level 5 times.

I have also bred and trained 2 females, Brimwylf Belladonna IPO1 AD CGC and SG Brimwylf Calamity Jane (CJ) IPO3 NA CDX AD KKl. CJ placed 6th at the 2015 New England Regionals with 96-88-80=264 and came home with High Track and High Double-X trophies. She also became the 2015 New England Region Universal Siegerin. Then she passed her 4th IPO3 at The UScA National Championships in Kentucky. I am just getting started with CJ's son Brimwylf Double O Seven.

I train the beginning of almost every exercise using marker training with a clicker, but I also use other methods. I believe in a well rounded approach to training and feel that the use of all possible training tools - tailored to the dogs' individual temperament and abilities leads to the best outcome. You will see almost all clicker training on this site, since it can all be taught with a clicker, and I think it is the best way for novice trainers to get started.

Enjoy your visit. Let me know if you have any suggestions:


Happy Training, Louise Jollyman