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Fur Saver

A fur saver is usually one of the first items obtained by a schutzhund enthusiast. It is the same style as a standard choke collar where the links are dropped through one of the end rings, making a loop which is slipped over the dog's head. They are rarely used for their choking action, and are the usual collar for trials, since the dog is not supposed to wear any kind of flat collar or other training collar. When the leash is attached in trials, it is usually to the "dead ring". This completely by-passes the choking action. These collars can be made of chrome plated nickel, steel, copper, brass as well as other metals and alloys too.

When buying a fur saver, a puppy around 4-6 months should fit a 17 - 19". A cheaper chrome plated one will be fine for this purpose, most last around 3 years, more if you carefully dry them off when they get wet. Most females will not require anything larger than 21 - 23". Large males may require 25" or even more.


How to fit a Fur-Saver

To fit a fur saver, drop the middle links through one of the end rings, to create a loop. With the dog in heeling position, hold the middle of the loop with both hands in a "q" shape, the open end ring (the ring which did not have the links dropped through it) should be on your right.

Slip the loop over the dog's head.

If you attach the leash to the live ring (the open end ring), the collar will tighten as the leash is tightened.

On the dead ring, the collar will remain the same size, the dead ring is the same ring that you dropped the rest of the links through earlier. Be careful when the leash is on the dead ring, as the collar can slip over the dog's head if he backs up.