Useful Exercises, other Tips and Information

This page contains links to useful exercises and other tips and information that I have learned over the last few years training IPO. Each new dog teaches us new techniques and ideas that we can try on the next dog. By staying open, working with other handlers and trying out various methods, we can find what works best for each dog.

Useful Exercises

1. Capping
The IPO dog must learn to control himself while "in drive".

2. Calm and Hold
In IPO we have several situations where we want the dog to calmly hold an item in its mouth.

3. Being Active
The best performing dogs are often considered to be "Active". What does this mean?

4. Building Drive
Drive and enthusiasm are key components of IPO sport. Top points require a dog that looks happy and energetic in the work.

Other Tips and Information

1. Training Theory
This page explains some of the concepts and terms used in training.

2. Drives
In order to train IPO, we need to know more than just training theory and behaviors.

3. Getting Started in IPO/Schutzhund
How do I go about getting started in this interesting and challenging sport?

4. Before You Buy a Puppy
Some points to consider before buying a puppy.

5. Puppy Tips
As far as raising a puppy specifically for IPO, there are a lot of conflicting ideas and theories.

6. Working with your New Puppy
You can introduce a puppy to focus work and basic positions really easily, just by working him at his mealtimes.

7. Crate and Kennel Training
Most people who own dogs also have to go to work every day. This can be a bit of a challenge with a high drive puppy.