This page details some of the equipment used by handlers in Schutzhund / IPO including how to fit and use it.

1. Fur Saver
A fur saver is usually one of the first items obtained by a schutzhund enthusiast.

2. Lines & Leashes
The two most important lines are the short standard leash and the 33 foot tracking line.

3. Harness
While not essential, different harnesses can be used for tracking and protection depending on handler preference.

4. Toys & Tugs
Toys and tugs are used to help motivate and maintain an energetic and willing picture. They can also be used to prepare the dog for the sleeve.

5. Dumbells
Schutzhund has specific dumbell requirements for each level of title.

6. Voraus Target
Training the voraus is often done by targetting using food or a toy.

7. Articles
Articles for tracking generally include wood, leather, plastic, carpet.

8. Food suitable for tracking
Schutzhund tracking is often taught with food, foods which are semi-moist and can be broken into small pieces are ideal.

9. Prong (Pinch) Collar
One of the first controversial pieces of equipment in this section, this german collar is very popular with Schutzhund trainers.

10. Electric Collar
Another controversial item in the trainer's kit. In my opinion it is important to educate yourself on all the training tools and make informed choices about what you are comfortable with and what suits your dog.

11. Training Vests
A training vest might be a good investment to carry all your equipment.